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Reshaping Your Smile With Damon Braces

Your smile is important to us. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with how your teeth look, so we provide a range of techniques for correcting misalignment, overcrowding, and gaps.

Damon braces are a fantastic alternative to traditional braces that utilise an innovative design to gently move and straighten your teeth. They work quickly and achieve great results without some of the drawbacks of standard braces.


What Is a Demon Brace?

Traditional metal braces consist of brackets, wires, and small elastic bands. Throughout treatment, these bands need to be removed, and the wire tightened. Often, these small pieces of rubber can make it harder to clean your teeth, and the braces may become havens for bacteria.

Damon braces remove the need for these rubber bands. Instead, an ingenious ‘sliding door’ system is used to lock the wire in place. These self-ligating braces apply a light force across your teeth, moving them in a quicker and smoother way compared to traditional braces.

The design of the Damon brace allows friction-free movement of the teeth with fewer adjustments than other fixed braces.

What Can We Treat With Damon Braces?

Problems with the position of your teeth can really impact your confidence. But these aesthetic concerns are just half of it. Crooked, overcrowded, and gappy teeth cause all kinds of oral health problems including:

Damon braces can:

Best of all…they’re effective at doing this in many mild to severe cases.


The Damon Braces Process

The first step on your road to a straighter smile is the initial consultation. We’ll get to know the position of your teeth and decide whether Damon braces can achieve your desired aims. Using digital images and impressions of your teeth, we can plan your treatment.

Then, we’ll talk you through what’s involved and answer any questions you’ve got. At this stage, we’ll also be able to let you know how long you’ll need to wear the brace to straighten your teeth.

If you decide Damon braces are the right choice for you, we’ll get you back in for another appointment where we’ll fit it. Once fitted, we’ll talk you through how to take care of it and schedule some future appointments where we’ll adjust it and check on your progress.

Smile Stories & Transformations

Every smile has a unique story, we tell the best stories through changing smiles.



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Composite Veneers


The Benefits of Damon Braces

We know that nobody’s crazy about the idea of wearing a brace. Thankfully, Damon braces get the job done quicker! Often, we can reduce the treatment time by up to a quarter compared to traditional fixed metal braces.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, Damon braces are an effective solution for most orthodontic issues.

Although they’re fixed appliances, Damon braces are more subtle in their design in comparison to old-school metal braces. Their lower profile looks neater and is a lot more comfortable for you.

Because they’re less fiddly, the appointments you have will be shorter too. Not only that but there’ll also be fewer!

On the whole, compared to traditional braces, there’s less discomfort and no need for extractions before treatment begins. Cleaning your teeth and your brace is much easier without the rubber bands used on traditional appliances. This results in better overall oral health. Win-win.


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