Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?


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Video testimonials

Zennie Major

Her smile was transformed using smaller fixed Damon Braces.

Lesley & Helena Van Der Zwan

Lesley and Helena do everything together, so they came to Kissdental and received tailored smile makeovers, including replacement crowns and reduction of gums.

Pat Hanley

Pat Hanley didn’t want the discomfort of a partial denture anymore, so she came to Kissdental for secure and strong denture implants. “The whole experience is amazing”

Gillian Booth

After hearing how her friend’s life had changed thanks to dental implants, Gillian decided to see what Kissdental could do for her and found it a great investment.

Chris Canning

After an accident during a cricket game, Chris went to Kissdental to get a natural looking solution using porcelain veneers. He now loves his smile again.

Chris Cain

Chris came to Kailesh asking what Kissdental could do for his
teeth, and after a course of Invisalign clear aligners his smile was transformed.

Bridget Weston

Bridget Weston came to Kissdental worried that nothing could be done for her, and Kailesh provided her a brand new smile in a day, changing her life.

Adele Holland

Adele had a couple of twisted teeth and originally thought the only option was to have braces, however her smile was improved with the help of veneers.

Nick Griffin

Nick had a bunch of cracks in his teeth owing to years of grinding them in his sleep. With the help of veneers however he has a beautiful looking smile.

Andrew Lockhead

Andrew didn’t smile or engage with as many people because of the loss of teeth, but Kailish with the help of dental implants gave him a smile he beams every day.

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