Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Botox at Kissdental Manchester

Botox is a safe and virtually pain free non-surgical wrinkle reduction technique. It has the advantage that treatment times are on average 5-15 minutes, and prices are dramatically lower than that of the equivalent surgery.

Botox reversibly relaxes muscle tissue which can be successfully used to combat ageing associated with gravity and sun exposure. It is usually applied to the areas around the face where dermal collagen has been weakened, such as the upper lip, forehead creases, neck lines and crows feet.

Botox in conjunction with facial fillers, such as Hydra-fill, can achieve a more youthful complexion when deep tissue breakdown has occurred. Here at Kissdental the results from the technique can be noticeable from 7-14 days after the treatment and can last for many months. Dr Solanki has extensive experience in facial rejuvenation, having sucessfully completed over 500 treatments he has developed his own system which is painless and gives a natural looking result.

If you require facial rejuventaion services in central manchester Dr Solanki holds a clinic once a month at Reuben Wood hair and beauty salon to book an appointment call the salon on 0161 832 6363.

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