Confused about dentures?

Confused about dentures?

Swiss dentures in Manchester at Kissdental

If you have been a denture wearer for many years, your mouth shape will have probably changed during this time. This is one of the most common problems that faces us when tooth loss occurs, without the natural roots of your teeth your jaw bone resorbs and becomes thinner and smaller in size. In the lower jaw this process over time can leave you with a flat ridge, which results in an unstable denture fit. This can eventually result in a denture that wobbles, rubs and generally feels loose and uncomfortable.

Swiss dentures now available at Kissdental

Swiss dentures are the perfect solution for long-term denture wearers. Here at Kissdental our collaboration with Dental Technician Steven Bradburn gives us the expertise to provide perfectly fitting Swiss dentures for our patients. Swiss dentures have a unique pestle and mortar design, which makes chewing food much easier and more comfortable. At Kissdental we are proud to be the only clinic in Manchester that can bring together Swiss Denture Concept in combination with a philosophy to provide our patients with comfortable dentures that offer greater security and improve quality of life. When Swiss dentures are secured with dental implants they are functionally and aesthetically comparable to natural teeth.

Swiss dentures created bespoke for you

No two individual’s mouths are the same and here at Kissdental we recognise that. Our Dental Technician Steven Bradburn carefully measure and analyses the unique shape and contours of every individual’s mouth. Careful positioning of specially designed next generation denture teeth enables us to make Swiss Dentures with the best look, fit and feel enabling you to eat, talk and laugh freely.