Confused about dentures?

Confused about dentures?

Complete Full Dentures in Manchester at Kissdental

Here at Kissdental by combing our knowledge and expertise with that of a Clinical Dental Technician we can offer some of the highest quality complete dentures available today. We have seen hundreds of patients that have lost all of their natural teeth and understand how this can impact on the quality of life, self-esteem and daily activities such as eating and talking. Our complete dentures will improve the quality of your life, giving you the confidence to eat smile and talk with complete confidence.

How complete dentures can transform your face.

All our complete dentures produce a dual effect that not only restores your smile but adds volume to your face.

When you experience complete tooth loss your jawbone and surrounding gums have a tendency shrink, especially in the lower half of your face. This shrinkage when combined with dentures that have not been specifically designed to support your facial tissues results in sagging of your cheeks giving a prematurely aged sunken appearance to the face.
Steven Bradburn, our resident Clinical Dental Technician is highly experienced in making complete dentures that can restore your face to the correct proportion, this is a very individual process which can also make you look and feel younger. Many of our patients have had relatives tell them that they look 10 years younger when their old dentures are replaced with our new dentures.

The benefits of complete dentures at Kissdental include:

  • Facial rejuvenation. Our complete dentures make your facial muscles, cheeks and lips appear fuller
  • Close to natural replication of gum contour and colour
  • Durable state of the art next generation denture materials are used
  • All denture bases are constructed using a high impact injection moulding technique which ensure the best possible fit and comfort