Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Nervous Patients

Nervous about dentistry?

You’re certainly not alone. If you are nervous about dental treatment, please inform us when you call the practice and we can help to soothe your anxiety. There will be no pressure for you to sit in the dental chair and we’re happy to give you a tour of the clinic, show you how all our equipment works and have an informal chat about your needs and worries in the chill-out lounge. We are also licensed to administer oral and intravenous sedation to help you enter a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Dental phobia

Dr Kailesh Solanki is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

Dental phobia is very common and a large proportion of the population admit to feeling anxious about visiting the dentist. Reasons for this include previous negative experiences at the dentist, fear of dental instruments such as needles and drills or even fear about what the dentist might think if you haven’t had a check-up in a while.

It’s important to visit a dentist regularly so potential problems don’t have a chance to worsen over time. You can rest assured that you’re in safe and compassionate hands at Kissdental, where our principal dentist Dr Kailesh Solanki is a Dental Phobia certified dentist. This means he provides dedicated treatment specifically for anxious patients, such as IV and oral sedation.

Feeling calm at Kissdental

We understand that many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist for any number of reasons. If you’re a nervous patient, let us know when you take the first step and book your appointment. Our welcoming team treat patients with dental phobia on a daily basis and will do everything they can to make you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed during your appointment. Remember – there’s nothing we haven’t seen before! We’re here to help you, not judge you and our aim is to make you feel as comfortable at Kissdental as you are in your own home.

If you have any special requirements before your appointments then please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Pat Hanley

Pat Hanley didn’t want the discomfort of a partial denture anymore, so she came to Kissdental for secure and strong denture implants. “The whole experience is amazing”