Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?


Helena Van Der Zwan


Hi, I’m Helena,

I work as part of the reception team here at Kissdental. I started out as a patient receiving dental treatment, from doing this I can relate to each patient on their journey at Kissdental, as I have been there myself. I know the worry, the nerves, the excitement and all the emotions that a person can feel when going through the journey of getting their dream smile.

Most of all I know how happy and proud it can make you feel, which is why I find the job also very rewarding to be able to witness patients go on such a life-changing journey.  I try my best to showcase my journey with patients when enquiring or receiving treatment here at Kissdental as I can appreciate how re-assuring it can be for a patient to speak to not only a member of staff but to someone who has once been a patient.

I have recently started my level 3 customer service in which I started to try and ensure I am proving each patient with the best possible care, support and service I can. I am a very bubbly, chatty and lively member of the Kissdental dental team and you will most likely hear me before you see me! I am always happy to answer any questions and I look forward to meeting you!