Simpli5 Aligners

Frequently Asked Questions (Click on Questions to See Answers)

A – Simpli5 is a clear five-aligner orthodontic system used to correct mild cases of improper bite or malocclusion, especially affecting anterior or front teeth. Simpli5 can also be used to improve teeth alignment before treatment with veneers or Lumineers.

Sometimes Simpli5 is used as post-braces refinement treatment or for slight shifts when patients have forgotten to use their retainers for maintaining correct teeth position. The Simpli5 system straightens teeth can can be used with other cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening and Lumineers, to give a bright white natural smile.

A – Our resident dentist will examine your teeth and identify if you are a suitable candidate for Simpli5 aligner system. If you feel that you have improper bite affecting your anterior or front teeth, or are considering veneers to cosmetically enhance your teeth and smile, speak with our resident dentist about treatment options available to you, and for further information on the invisible five-aligner Simpli5 orthodontic system.

A – Simpli5 is not suitable for people with severe cases of malocclusion or misaligned teeth. Other treatments may be recommended, such as Invisalign braces, 6 month braces or Inman Aligner. In cases of jaw deformity and injury, other corrective orthopedic devices may be necessary, or surgery for facial reconstruction. Our resident dentist will advise you on the suitability of Simpli5 in your case.

A – There are a number of options for braces depending on the severity of teeth misalignment or improper bite. Simpli5 is used in mild cases of malocclusion and other systems can also address such mild cases, such as Invisalign braces or the STb Lingual braces system also used for correcting alignment of anterior teeth.

A more suitable alternative may be tooth-coloured brackets and wires used in the Six-Month Smile system that corrects positioning of teeth seen when you smile, such as the front teeth. Our resident dentist can assess your tooth structure and advise you on which corrective braces system is right for you.

A – A damaged tooth can spread infectio

A – The suitability of a patient for a specific braces system, such as Simpli5, depends on the diagnosis of malocclusion and recommendations by a qualified dentist, orthodontist, or cosmetic dentist trained in orthodontics. Our resident dentist can examine your teeth and provide you with treatment options that will indicate if Simpli5 is right for you or not. I

If more than one option is recommended for choice, the suitability in selection of braces system may hinge on aesthetics (designed to be invisible), comfort (designed for reduced friction) and whether or not the braces need to be fixed or removable (for ease of cleaning or adjustment). Sometimes even the level of control offered by braces, such  as Lingual braces, is relevant for people engaged in certain vigorous daily activities, such as sport.

A – After examination and dental diagnosis through X-ray or scan, an impression or model is taken of your teeth using either dental putty or imaging software such as CEREC technology. The specifications are used to custom-make your clear aligners in a Simpli5 laboratory. These aligners are then fitted for you with guidance for wear and how to take care of your teeth. Usually these aligners are work for 20 hours a day over 3-4 week period. Their fit is then reassessed for adjustment and further treatment.

A – The Simpli5 system corrects mild malocclusion and misaligned teeth so that the bite of the upper and lower jaw is normal. This aids oral hygiene to reduce risk of tooth decay and gum disease from irritations. The alignment correction brings comfort in chewing food for good nutrition, in communication by making pronunciation easier, in aesthetics due to invisible design giving an attractive smile, and in confidence knowing that you look good and have healthy teeth during a timely treatment period.

A – Not all dentists provide the Simpli5 system or are trained in its processes, so it is best to seek a dentist that is qualified to deliver the treatment. Our resident dentist can advise you on treatment options. When Simpli5 aligners are initially fitted, they can cause tightness on the teeth, but this sensation soon passes as patients get used to wear. 

Wearing Simpli5 aligners is not considered painful, but if you have anxiety about treatment and want to discuss dental phobias or concerns, contact our resident dentist for information about treatment and options for greater relaxation.

A – Simpli5 aligners are designed to be removable for eating and drinking, and also for dental hygiene practices such as flossing. Dental care can be maintained as usual, such as brushing with fluoride toothpaste according to recommended tooth brushing techniques, and using mouthwash for rinsing. Our resident dentist can guide you on oral care and on how to take care of your Simpli5 aligners.

A – Treatment with Simpli5 aligners may vary according to the purpose of treatment, such as mild misalignment of anterior or front teeth, pre-treatment for Lumineers, veneers or retainers. In general, the treatment period ranges from ten to twenty weeks.

A – Prices vary according to the expertise and policies of each dental clinic. The Simpli5 system is considered cost-effective. Our resident dentist can discuss costs and payment options with you when your teeth are examined, and when treatments are recommended for misaligned teeth or malocclusion. You are welcome to bring your questions or concerns along for answers and for peace of mind.