Plastic Partial dentures in Manchester at Kissdental

More natural looking

Many people have had a negative experience with plastic partial dentures due to the cheap material used in a lot of plastic dentures. Plastic partial dentures utilise high quality materials and are designed to look, feel and function just like your own natural teeth. Every partial denture is handcrafted to each patient’s requirements. We select and place your denture teeth onto its base to match the shape and size and character of the teeth that you have lost.

Plastic partial dentures that are more durable

By using the latest manufacturing processes and durable high quality materials your plastic partial dentures will fit perfectly and stand up to the test of every day stresses and wear. Our patient feedback on our plastic partial’s have been that they are more durable, fit better and are more aesthetically pleasing than their existing partial dentures.  

Suitability for plastic partial dentures

Wearing a plastic partial denture is your own choice and it may be the most suitable option for you if:

  • You are about to lose your teeth and you need a partial denture to offer a quick and immediate solution.
  • If you have never worn dentures before and you would first like to try a more cost effective and affordable partial denture solution.

If you would like a more expensive light alloy denture then your remaining teeth would need to be healthy, stabilised and any gum disease or inflammation treated.