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A - Lumineers are a type of dental veneer designed from thin and resilient Cerinate porcelain to restore natural prepared teeth as a protective coating or to aesthetically enhance teeth shape and brightness. They are used on discoloured or stained teeth, to fill gaps between teeth, or to build-up worn teeth for a positive transforming smile makeover that builds confidence in people.

A - Although Lumineers serve the same purpose as dental veneers, they are fabricated out of a different type of patented Cerinate porcelain material and procedure that makes them more durable and also ultra-thin. What this means is that more of the natural tooth structure is conserved because less tooth bone is removed through shaving or grinding in tooth preparation before the Lumineer is bonded to the tooth. They can also not only be bonded to existing teeth, but also to crowns and bridges.

A - Anyone with teeth that are slightly misaligned, have gaps, are chipped or damaged, and/or discoloured or stained, can consider Lumineers as a dental restoration solution that will strengthen existing teeth and brighten their smile.

Some people try not to smile or feel inferior because of the state of their teeth. If you are one of these people, Lumineers can help to build your self-esteem, allowing you to smile with confidence and openness to others. The result is often improved relationships and personal or career development opportunities.

A - The brand of veneer may be the result of a patented technology or material, such as is the case with Cerinate Lumineers, which improve dental veneer choices. Veneers can be made out of composite or dental porcelain. Composite veneers are reversible because the teeth are not reshaped during preparation.

Porcelain veneers, such as Lumineers, still require some reshaping of the natural teeth to give room for bonding of the Lumineer or veneer. The reshaping of the natural teeth is not reversible as in the case of composite veneers.

With new technologies and products available, new types of veneers are produced, such as the da Vinci and MAC veneers made from pressed ceramics in the United States. The kind of dental veneer available to you will depend on the dental practice or clinic that you have access to and what they have to offer. It may also depend on the country in which you receive dental treatment, and the dental treatment you can afford.

A - As mentioned in the options for dental veneers, treatment with Lumineers depends on your actual diagnosis and treatment recommendations, the brands of veneers available to you at your accessible dental practices, and also on cost or payment options. Our resident dentist is available to discuss types of veneers with you and whether or not Lumineers are the suitable choice for you.

A - Once you have met with our resident dentist for examination and recommendations, and you have decided to proceed with porcelain-crafted veneers, such as Cerinate Lumineers, your teeth structure will be mapped with CEREC technology to provide personal specifications for fabricating the Lumineers. Our dental technician custom-makes your Lumineers according to these specifications and then your teeth are prepared for bonding.

The reshaping procedure is designed to conserve as much of your existing teeth as possible, and in some cases not needed at all. Sedative options will be provided to you for greater relaxation if needed and a local anaesthetic will be used to numb the tooth region(s). The easily-fitted Lumineers are then bonded to your teeth, shaped and polished to give you an enhanced and heart-warming natural white smile that gives confidence.

A - Only dentists offering cosmetic dental treatments who are registered with Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the United States can offer Lumineers as a dental treatment and cosmetic option. Our resident dentist uses diagnostic technology such as CEREC, to examine your teeth for treatment and suitability to Lumineers. The Lumineers are fabricated by our dental technician before our resident dentist bonds your custom-made Lumineers to your teeth. The procedure can be completed within a day using CAD ceramic studios or CEREC technology available at our practice.

Any risks associated with Lumineers will be discussed with you as part of your treatment recommendation; however the patented Cerinate system is considered a highly efficient treatment and cosmetic option that requires training and registration before qualified use. Our resident dentist will explain the Cerinate treatment to you and will put your mind at rest about any concerns that you may have, so that you know what to expect and fully understand the procedures involved.

The same oral hygiene techniques recommended for your natural teeth apply to those teeth fitted with Lumineers. Lumineers are not only ultra-thin and durable, but are also removable and reusable if flexible resin is used for bonding. The function and care of your Lumineers will be explained to you by our resident dentist, so that you can confidently care for your teeth with ease and wear your Lumineers with pride.

A - Lumineers are relatively new on the market and not all dental or cosmetic dental practices offer the treatment. The cost of Lumineers can also depend on your access to a dental practitioner who is registered to provide this choice. Our resident dentist can advise you on your choices for Lumineers, the costs involved and also affordable payment plans.

A - Lumineers uplift the look of your teeth in shade and shape, so that they enhance your face and smile. For patients this can be such an enriching experience because of new-found confidence that allows for better communication, expression and impressions when interacting with other people. Our resident dentist will give you a demonstration of what you can expect in appearance and discuss the benefits of Lumineers with you.

A- The lifespan of Lumineers may depend on a patient’s overall health and dental hygiene practices. With recommended care and regular dental check-ups, patients can have Lumineers that provide a smile makeover lasting 20 years.

A - The alternative to Lumineers are other types of composite or porcelain veneers. Dental crowns may also be used to protect and enhance damaged or discoloured teeth. Sometimes teeth whitening is enough to improve tooth colour without the need for the tooth to be reshaped or covered with a protective veneer coating.