Flexible Partial dentures in Manchester at Kissdental

Flexible dentures offer a more comfortable fit when compared to more rigid plastic dentures. The reason for this is that flexible dentures adjust to any irregularities and shape changes in the mouth.  

Flexible solutions for your mouth

Our flexible partial dentures can accommodate most bite types they will in most cases fit perfectly in the contours of your mouth that many traditional rigid plastic dentures cannot. Because of their flexible fit no unsightly metal clasps are required to hold it in place.

A natural looking partial denture solution

  1. Flexible partial dentures are natural looking and aesthetic
  2. Our flexible partial dentures are fabricated from long lasting injection moulded, flexible resin
  3. Flexible partial dentures can be fabricated in a shorter timeframe than a standard rigid partial denture.
  4. Denture adhesive is not required with flexible partial dentures